There she was again. Standing right beside me with her arm around me attempting to give me a squeeze. I was on alert that day, because I had a dream the night before of a storm coming my way and in that storm was a Jezebel spirit targeting me.

Once I scooted out of that trap she stood in front of me and began telling me (again) how anointed I was. I looked her straight in the eyes thinking that false spirit of flattery might have to shut her eyes…or roll completely back into her head due to lying! But instead, she got more determined to tell me how wonderful I was and that she was entirely committed to serving us in the ministry. (Those words were words from a Jezebel spirit…not mine). I thought to myself, Here we go again, Jezzie. You are trying to control me once again. This time, I’m NOT buying into your flattering words just so you can attempt to manipulate me!

Hold Your Ground!

I held my ground that day, but over the next few days I began to feel guilty for “judging” this person. So, guess what I did….I reached out to her and opened my heart once again. It only took a short time for this spirit to try to move in quickly to gain an entrance into “speaking into my life.” I was way too familiar with this spirit’s tactics….and once a few sentences rolled off her tongue I had the spirit pegged once again. The words were similar to this:”Oh, Pastor Sandie. I can’t understand why everybody doesn’t come to your church. You’re so wonderful.” Then there was something said like ” I just know you are the one who recognized my anointing and gifting and that I’m called to be a senior leader also.” My heart sank. I had really desired to mentor this precious saint, yet the seducing spirit of Jezebel was attempting to prevail against her and me!

Believer, you just read what I have experienced many times as a pastor and senior leader in the Body of Christ. I am very prophetically gifted, as most of you know, and our church in Hurst, Texas, is trained in the supernatural gifting (especially in the prophetic ministry). Let me be blunt- the Jezebel spirit is always attracted to the prophetic ministry and ministers. Think about it- Elijah was an awesome prophet and remember who threatened to kill him? Yep. Jezebel! And her words were so powerful that it caused Elijah to take off running to the desert fearing for his life!

Jezebel’s Words Cause Discouragement

Have you been discouraged lately? If so, let me ask you a question. Whose words are you listening to? Jezebel threatened to kill Elijah and it says in Scripture that Elijah actually “saw that” which Jezzie wanted to do! Yes, he saw himself slain by Jezebel! Dear one, Jezebel flows in a spirit of false prophecy. Yes! Jezebel was falsely prophesying Elijah’s destruction. Her words were like witchcraft and actually controlled Elijah’s responses, robbed him of faith and even caused vain imaginations. Jezebel’s witchcraft words of discouragement caused him to lose courage!

Then, it moves differently. Many times I have observed how this evil spirit seductively moves in false flattery in order to get close to us. Remember when Jehu showed up to destroy her she painted her face and eyes, fixed her hair and began to flatter Jehu asking if he had come in peace? (See 2 Kings 9:30). Jezebel knew very well that Jehu had NOT come in peace, but she appealed to his mercy with false flattery.

I’ve Been There!

Reader, I’ve dealt with Jezebel so often that at times I believe I can spot this spirit a mile away. And usually I can! However, I have also learned that I must leave room for repentance. If you confront a Jezebel, hopefully he/she will repent. (Jezebel has no gender) But if not, do not allow yourself to become co-dependent by attempting to “fix” the situation. Walk in love, always, but be wise as a serpent! This spirit will seduce you in order to control and manipulate. The spirit wants power and control.

And, dear one, if this spirit keeps showing up, don’t keep blaming yourself! The enemy is probably after your anointing! War against this spirit by using the Word. If the Spirit of God points out something in your own life that needs attention then, by all means, pay attention. However, don’t allow this spirit to target you with guilt and shame.

I have written two books on the subject of Jezebel and I highly recommend them for your spiritual warfare arsenal. One is Breaking the Demonic Threefold Cord and the other is Breaking the Jezebel Yoke.

God bless you! I’m praying for you now that the Lord empower you with His strength to overcome and walk in His fullness!

By the way, I have two other articles on Jezebel on my blog. Please feel free to scroll down and read! Blessings and empowerment to you!


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