Why does this keep happening to me? My pastor friend sat sobbing in her office about another encounter with a Jezebel stronghold and I was relating to her entire story! Why? Because her story was also my past story. I have sat numerous times in my own office regretting a conflict with someone influenced by a Jezebel spirit. How quickly the memory of being controlled, manipulated and yes, intimidated I felt while under it’s evil assignments. The story that led to it all? Well, it would take more than a quick blog….but what I am posting now will hopefully empower you. Allow me to equip you with another key that will unlock more revelation concerning how to understand the tactics of Jezebel’s intimidations.

The end result of a pastor, counselor or leader with battle scars from a Jezebel encounter almost always begins with him/her counseling and/or pastoring someone with good intentions, someone feeling very unfulfilled, and that same someone looking for a ministry or church home to “lock into.” Then there is the pastor, elder or leadership team with a heart’s desire to really help that particular “someone.”

It’s so true…God places it on His servant’s hearts to help those in need, and provides a place of refuge for those needing healing and restoration as well as training and equipping to advance the Kingdom. The main issue is this- the Church is two-fold; a place for healing and also a place for training and equipping. First, to be an effective warrior, we must be healed from past wounds. Then there is a time to move past our past and enter into a season of training and equipping. However, there is often a huge chasm between the two. The transition between being wounded and shifting into become spiritually mature is always a time of testing.

The Test

I have realized that after 30 years of ministry there is always a test whenever you are pastoring or mentoring someone in times of transition. The person in transition is experiencing a test…and the mentor (pastor, leader, etc) is also experiencing a test! When ministering to someone who is strongly influenced by a Jezebel spirit we must realize that the spirit will almost always rise up to intimidate godly leadership. The spirit of Jezebel is a controlling and manipulating spirit. The demonic forces behind Jezebel can be so intimidating that the person anointed to help the demonically influenced saint believes that they are not equipped or anointed to help! However, truth is this- we have been given all power and authority over ALL demonic spirits- especially Jezebel!

I have had to confront many different people influenced by a Jezebel spirit numerous times- and one sure clue as to whether I am dealing with a Jezebel spirit or not is if I feel intimidated! My test is this- will I trust who I am in God, stand up to this intimidating spirit and operate in my godly assignment or cower down and try to ignore it’s in your face attitude just daring you to confront it!

Then there is the test concerning the person being influenced by the Jezebel spirit- will he/she repent and submit? Ouch! Repentance? Submission? Two words that push people’s buttons- I know. But remember, Jezebel hates repentance! And we know in Scripture that she basically controlled her husband, King Ahab, and really didn’t submit to any authority at all. To get it’s way, the spirit rises up to intimidate legitimate authority with hopes that it will disqualify godly discernment. This spirit is bent on hood-winking those with discernment, gain influence through false flattery and move in for the kill through control and manipulation!

False Doctrines and False Christs

So there you have it. Another key to a Jezebel influence. I have written two books concerning the Jezebel spirit and I highly recommend them both. ( Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord and The Jezebel Yoke). This is an end time spirit that seeks to illegally seize control in the local church and promote false prophets and false Christs. Dear ones, there are many false doctrines arising as I write this blog!

If you have felt intimidated, it’s important to bind the spirit of Jezebel and declare the Word of the Lord. Use the Word of the Lord as your sword and destroy her influence and her voice.

Allow me to impart to you now and pray for you:

Father God, I pray for those who have felt the result of a Jezebel spirit and the intimidation connected to it. I break the power of the demonic control and I loose him/her from this assignment in Jesus name. I pray for the Jehu empowerment that completely destroys Jezebel and take the Word of the Lord,. the sword of the Spirit and declare VICTORY in Jesus name. Amen!


I impart the Jehu anointing to defeat Jezebel and impart the courage to confront all opposition from every Jezebel spirit in the mighty name of Jesus. I impart the ability to take a firm stand against every Jezebel stronghold that attempts to rob you of your spiritual authority. I impart godly wisdom of how to love the person, the child of God, but resist the evil spirit of Jezebel. ( Now open your heart and your hands to receive it now). Amen


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