Dear believer,

I believe it is time for suddenlies! Yes, I really do! I believe that the Lord spoke to me and said it was time. However, whenever I began to post messages about experiencing suddenlies I had many people write and ask ways to do that….besides using faith.

After praying a bit, I concluded that there were two questions that we must ask ourselves:

One being Are there squatters in our land? And, secondly, Are we protecting our boundaries?

Squatters in Our Land:

A squatter is a person ( or an entire family) who decides to set up camp and remain on land he/she doesn’t own. It can even be a homeless person who moves into an empty building and gain a title to it without paying anything. Actually, there are many states that allow this and actually give right-of-way to the squatters.
Spiritually, it is when we haven’t possessed a portion of our Promised Land ( a promise) and the enemy moves into our legal inheritance (territory) and declares squatters rights! In the natural it’s almost impossible for an owner of the property to re-gain ownership and access. Spiritually speaking, the enemy will attempt to possess your inheritance if we don’t take action. Dear one, we must begin to become aggressive and move forth, possessing our promises. The enemy will attempt to hurl accusations against us, but we must remain confident that what God has promised us is ours! Just like God did with Israel, promising them a land filled with milk and honey- He has promised us the same!

Are We Protecting Our Boundaries?

God gave Israel’s tribes their land and described the boundaries of their portions. It was each tribes responsibility to protect what God had given. If a squatter attempted to move into the land, they had to immediately kick them out! Let me assure you, squatters bring trials and tribulations with them. Maybe some of our trials are due to squatters possessing portions of our promise. Let me assures you of this- squatters don’t give up without a fight. Why? Because they are convinced they belong there! Believer, let me ask you a question….are you letting the devil know what is yours? It’s time to rise up and take back what rightfully belongs to us. It’s also time to remind the devil that Jesus Christ defeated him on the Cross and he has to move out of your Promised Land!

If we do these things I believe that we are even more empowered to experience our suddenlies that God has promised!


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