There are many different ways that Satan organizes his forces in attempts to oppose us and our victory in Christ. One of his evil weapons he uses against us is intimidation. The definition of intimidation implies a way that the enemy causes us to act timid or fearful. It also implies the different ways the enemy might cause us to be disheartened.

David and Goliath

I believe Goliath tried this opposition against David. Sure, Goliath was bigger than David- he was a giant! But Goliath’s size didn’t matter to David, this is because David knew his God and he also knew that due to his relationship with God that God would protect him. After, all, while in the fields protecting his father’s sheep, David slew a lion and a bear and surely the Lord would deliver this uncircumcised Philistine to him also! (Read 1 Samuel 17:36-38).

Goliath hurled accusations against David to intimidate him further. He mocked him about his looks, his small stature and his age- all inspired false accusations to cause David to lose heart and fear.

Yet, the more Goliath attempted to intimidate David, the stronger, more courageous and more determined David became!

The Slingshot

David slew Goliath with the weapon that God had given to him at the time. Think about it- a slingshot and not a rifle. A slingshot and not a sword. A slingshot and not an arrow. Saul gave David his armour, helmet and sword to use to defeat Goliath. But David had not tested this equipment yet, it was completely unfamiliar to him. David used what he had been trained to use- his slingshot. Dear ones, we must never try to walk in someone else’s armour. We cannot be someone other than who God created us to be. Nor can we attempt to use any weapon of warfare that is foreign to us. Many believers compare their spiritual gifting with others- we cannot remain effective warriors if we are attempting to imitate someone else. We are in a season where God is sharpening our individual weapons and gifting. The enemy will attempt to intimidate you by declaring that your weapon or gifting is not effective. But use the slingshot you have! Your prayer is a slingshot to the enemy. Your prophetic decree is a slingshot that will smite your Goliath! Your praise is the slingshot needed to cause your enemy to fall before you!

The Battle of the Mind

Satan uses intimidation to defeat us in our minds! Yes, it is so true, the real battle is in our minds.

False words of the enemy can easily become a fortress of unbelief if we choose to believe what Satan says about rather than what God says. Actually, and please try to remember this- we cannot afford to believe opposite of what God says about us! Ponder that a moment. We really can’t afford to believe what Satan declares concerning us, our children, our relationships, our future, our businesses, etc! If we believe Satan’s lies it can cost us- big time!

Goliath attempted to destroy David first with his words of intimidation. Believer, the enemy does the same with us! Let’s not allow Satan’s words to become a fortress in our minds but rather take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.(See 2 Cor 10:4-5).

Dear believer, let me encourage you today! You have a war manual, the Holy Bible, that is packed full of scriptures that reveal the record of victory already determined and decided due to the Blood of Jesus! Now that, my friends, is a slingshot, indeed!

A book that I would recommend at this time would be Silencing the Accuser: Eight Lies Satan Uses Against Believers. I have devoted an entire book to teach you how to tear down every fortress your enemy attempts to build to defeat you! You can be victorious! God says that you already are victorious through Christ. Amen!


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