Dreams Book + Companion Study Guide Bundle


Dreams and visions can be revelations from God that connect straight to our hearts. Spoken in the language of heaven – the language of our spirits – you first need to learn the language before you can truly understand the power and purpose of these messages. With wisdom and insight, pastor and author Sandie Freed helps you do just that.

Laying out a biblical framework for interpreting dreams and visions, she shows how God uses these to reveal your future, heal your heart, draw you closer to him, impart direction and guidance, expose strongholds, and empower you to step into your true purpose and destiny.

In these pages you’ll discover how to: prepare to hear from God, discern the source of your dreams, recognize the type, category, and context of dreams you’ve had, interpret symbols, numbers, colors, and objects, protect, battle, and bless your dreams, and more!

Here is everything you need to understand your dreams and unlock God’s messages to you.


This workbook is designed to empower you on your journey as you learn how to understand heaven’s dream language.  Each chapter  has individual or group discussions, spiritual engaging and opportunities to grow in your relationship with the Lord as well as understand the intentions of the Dream Giver Himself. Documenting dreams correctly is important-  this workbook helps teach you how!

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