Dear believer,

God is a talking God! He is never not pursuing you, did you know that? Yes, that’s right- God is always pursuing us. One of the ways He speaks to us is at night, when we are asleep. I like to tell people that God has to speak to me during dreams so that I won’t talk back! You see, during the day my mind is busy and I might not fully receive from Him. I have experienced times that I almost argued with God. I’m referring to times that He leads me to do something and I might not believe I’m qualified. My response was similar to Jeremiah or Gideon….. Who me? Surely not me! Yes, that is a perfect example of talking back to God, right? However, at night He bypasses my mind and speaks directly to my spirit. I can’t talk back to Him during a dream. My spirit receives fully when He speaks during the night season. He does the same with you also.

In my previous posts (and you will want to read the last three as they will help you more in understanding dreams) I wrote about this being a season where heaven’s revelation is being released. Revelation means to lift a veil and to expose whatever has been hidden. In my personal journey with God I have realized that different strongholds (demonic opposition that have gained a strong-hold) were revealed during dreams. I had gone through very difficult seasons and I did not understand that there was demonic opposition that held back my breakthroughs. When God spoke during the dreams I knew where the opposition originated and also how to pray against the barriers; And, as a result I experienced much personal deliverance.

Strongholds Revealed in Dreams

In my book Dream On: Unlocking Dreams and Visions I wrote an entire chapter on deliverance through dreams. I went to great lengths to explain how to document dreams for interpretation and then how to seek revelation concerning different symbolism within each dream.

One common stronghold in dreams is a Jezebel spirit. Those of you who understand the functions of this evil spirit know that it operates in several different ways. For now, I want to focus on a few manifestations of Jezebel that might be revealed in your dreams. I desire to help you understand this spirit because it will be one of the main spirits that will attempt to block your breakthroughs in 2014.

I believe 2014 will be a year that we go through gates of revelation. However, Jezebel destroys vision, attacks the prophetic ministry and operates in illegitimate authority. In dreams there may be a strong spirit of control revealed. For example, if your parents were controlling you may dream about them as God desires to expose a Jezebel pattern that opposes you. This may mean that there is a generational pattern that needs attention. Or, it could also mean that you, personally, have a problem with control and manipulation-therefore opening the door to a Jezebel spirit. I believe that since 2014 is a year for vision and revelation God desires to set us all free from any Jezebel influence.

Many of you who read my posts have read my books concerning Jezebel. You can order The Threefold Demonic Cord or The Jezebel Yoke. You will want to be free of this demonic stronghold as you walk out breakthroughs in 2014.

Christ Came to Deliver Us!

I love this time of year. Focusing on Christ during Christmas keeps our minds on the goodness of God. I am so thankful that Christ came and gave us eternal life. And, dear one, did you know that He came with a “purpose?” Yes. Scripture says For this purpose was the Son of man made manifest that He might destroy the works of the devil. (KJV)

Salvation is the Greek word sozo. Sozo means more than being saved. Yes! Sozo means that Christ has come to give us healing, deliverance, prosperity, protection and all that heaven has to offer!

He came to empower you with abundant life. And, this is another good time to remind you of how important your dreams are. Start paying attention to your dreams. God loves you. If he reveals something in a dream it is His desire to heal it! I’m expecting to hear from many of you with testimonies of God’s faithfulness as He speaks to you during the night season. I encourage you to comment and let me know your thoughts. Are you dreaming? Paying Attention and watching over your dreams? What is He saying to you?


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