Breakthrough. What exactly does it look like? Well, I know what it doesn’t look like- or maybe a better way to say it is like this- I feel like I know when I am NOT experiencing a breakthrough! I am coming to realize that I have limited thinking, yes- even mindsets!, concerning experiencing a breakthrough.

Let me back up a bit and explain. According to the dictionary, the word breakthrough means :

  • An act of overcoming or penetrating an obstacle
  • An increase of knowledge or understanding
  • An offensive thrust that penetrates and carries beyond a defensive line.

Did you notice that you can receive breakthrough whenever you “hear the truth” or “gain knowledge and understanding?” This is why the Word says we perish for lack of knowledge. (See Hosea 4:6). The original word for “perish” means to be “destroyed, cut down, fail (or be ) undone.” Dear one, whenever we don’t understand the finished work of Christ and that the price has been paid for us to receive open heavens and breakthroughs the enemy will continue to cause us to be “undone!” He goes about as a roaring lion seeking whomever he might devour. But if we know the truth- the truth sets us free from the devourer!

We Begin at the Finish Line

It’s important to remember that we don’t start off our race at the starting point. No way! We begin every race and every battle at the finish line. At the Christ, due to the shed blood of Jesus, we have received an inheritance as being a “sons” of God. When we were born again we received the fullness of salvation which involves not only being saved but also healed, delivered, provision and all that heaven has to offer! Please take some time and go back to my blog entitled Straight Talk From Sandie Freed. This particular blog will help you cycle out of your seasons of hopelessness and despair. Also, I encourage each of you to read my book Power in the Blood: Claiming Your Spiritual Inheritance because it teaches more on the finished work of Christ.

Be One That Overcomes!

It’s important to God that we overcome- it’s important to you also! Know that the enemy may be attempting to defend his position but you are part of an offensive thrust against the enemy! My recent book, Faith After Failure: Reconnecting with Your Destiny would be great to read for a jump-start into victory. In this book I discuss how to get past our past and how to overcome hopelessness, insecurity, generational issues, etc. that would attempt to steal our future.

Be empowered today. You are already breaking through the enemy’s blockades because:

  1. You have gained more understanding
  2. You have been empowered with truth to overcome
  3. You know that you are promised victory due to the Cross
  4. You have the ability to overcome because you are a son of the Father
  5. You begin at the Finish line- your victory is sealed!

This is the season to be thankful. Let’s be thankful for the Cross… that one thing will break us out of hopelessness and despair. Our today’s and tomorrows are full of hope… because of Jesus and His finished work!


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