Are you ready to discover a valuable key that will unlock your destiny? Are you excited that God desires that we each discover something that has the potential to completely change your life…for the better? Dear believer, this thought will launch you forth in fulfilling destiny; right believing results in right living ! It’s such a simple statement…but it is true and packed with power! We’ve been in a spiritual “lock-down” for far too long. Why? And how did it get this way? What have we allowed in our belief systems and thoughts have allowed the enemy to erect strongholds that attempt to block our future?

It wasn’t until I came to the end of myself, being tired, frustrated, and having no vision, that I realized that I was allowing circumstances and past failures to dictate my future. Shame and fear of failure were continual reminders of dreams that seemed dead, vision that no longer existed and little or no passion to propel me forward. What was the root of my issue? A faulty belief system. Allow me to explain a bit.

Faulty Belief Systems

Many of us are in the same boat as I was concerning faulty belief systems. All too often we build upon selfish desires and religious mindsets rather than being led by the Holy Spirit. He is the author and finisher of our faith and the Master Architect of our lives! Why then, do we not trust Him and relinquish control? When I came to the end of Sandie Freed I realized that I had removed Him from being the architect that molded and shaped me and my life. Maybe you have dome the same and came to the realization that we were not created to be the Creator!

It has always been important for me to be successful. I don’t believe that I am isolated in this desire. However, true success lies in fulfilling our godly assignments and not necessarily gauged by what the world deems successful. It has taken me almost three decades to understand this. I hope that I can help you find that place of resting in God as I have been experiencing. Jesus Christ is our Land of Rest! Faulty belief systems say “I have to work hard for God to prove my value.” No, the Lord desires relationship and not performance. The Old Covenant demands religious performance, the New Covenant is based upon the finished work of Jesus Christ. The New Covenant is not about religion, it is all about relationship with God.

Living Free of Religion

We are in a season where there is fresh revelation concerning renewing our passion for God and pursuing His presence. Again, there is a need for us to begin to focus on our relationship with our God. Unfortunately, relationship has been based upon humanity adhering to rituals, erroneous traditions, religious mindsets and rules all in the name of “religion.” However, in all of this, we have accepted a “form of religion,” but not experienced the raw power of God. These forms of religion have become mere substitutes for relationship with God.

Are you ready to let go of all that hinders you from achieving destiny? I pray so! I have written an entire book Faith After Failure, Reconnecting with Destiny. Many of us are fearful that we have messed up too badly for God to still use us to demonstrate His glory and Kingdom on earth. Not so! He is always pursuing us and desires to empower us to fulfill destiny and purpose.

A faulty belief system teaches that you’re not worthy, not good-enough, not holy enough….just plain not enough….for God to bless you and use you. Again, this is not so! It is a lie. Allow me to show you how to reconnect your faith with God’s faith in you! As you read this book, I know you will be transformed and healed of the pain of your past. You will receive revelation concerning being free…and even more…free indeed!

God bless you as you pursue divine destiny!


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