It’s Time for Your Heart and Your Life to Be Healed!

Dear Believers:

This is your season for your heart,,,and your life to be healed! What has seemed impossible is possible. Once again, I desire to encourage each of you today. I want you to allow these three words of edification to soak deeply into your hearts. Believers, it is time for us to access the unseen!

God desires to do for you what your eyes have never seen.

God also desires for you to hear Him speak to you and for you to be empowered to hear like never before!

God desires to open your mind so that you can receive revelation that has been hidden- this means that what has been hidden from you (divine strategies for breakthrough, opportunities you need to occur, wisdom when making decisions, etc.) will be made known as he allows your mind to hear and conceive His thoughts.

Captivity and Being Yoked With the Past

Many times a broken heart can hold us captive and, therefore, unable to cycle out of emotional pain, trauma, painful memories, etc. Therefore, it is difficult for some to experience the fullness of joy. (Joy, by the way is one of the manifestations of experiencing the Kingdom of God!) A broken heart, loneliness, and/or a painful memory can yoke us with the past. But let me assure you of this- God desires that ‘you may know’ Him and what is yours! (See Isa 43:10). The absence of any one of these benefits could mean that you are still in captivity and yoked with your past.

Let’s take a quick look at these areas that keep us from knowing God and believing Him and His desire to deliver us from an ungodly memory, pain of the past, and/or a broken heart. According Isaiah, God has given the following spiritual inheritance to us as believers:

  • The divine ability to know Him and believe Him.
  • The ongoing (continual) ability and desire to glorify God and praise Him.
  • To experience His presence out of relationship and not religious works.
  • To experience healing, restoration and divine peace.
  • To have a mended heart which includes mending for the spirit, soul and body.


Were there any of the five areas listed that you know you are not experiencing? If you can identify any lacking area it is possible that you are yoked with your past. Dear one, freedom and fullness awaits you today. It’s important for us to hunger for His presence. However, many Christians believe that they are unworthy of God’s blessings and, therefore, back away from approaching Him. Allow me to encourage you once again! God loves you. He sees your broken heart and your disappointments. He says to you today You are worthy! I sent my Son who became the sacrificial Lamb for your sin. His blood was shed for your broken heart. Today, allow your heart to be mended . Come to Me, allow me to embrace you and heal your heart. I will give you the grace needed to walk through every trial, test and challenge. So, come up higher today. My arms are open wide and receive you.” Now, saint, run to Him! There is no shame, no guilt, no failure… are forgiven of your past failures and healed of your past pain! Just receive His love, right now! Yes, it’s that easy.

One More Thing

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