God is clear about this- He loves us unconditionally. The problem is –we don’t know love without many “conditions” attached. Years ago, before I understood how much He truly loved Sandie Freed (and believe me, it’s been a journey!) I believed I had to continually perform properly and be unquestionably perfect in order for God to love me, bless me or even use me! Because of what I have learned about God, and how I have witnessed His goodness, I am certain that when you also understand what the term unconditional means that you will be empowered today. And, even more, experience God’s transforming power. So allow me to quickly discuss three ways to experience this awesome transforming power. All three of these involve a change in the way we think. So get ready for right believing that will shift you into right living!

Way #1

First, let’s look quickly at the definitions concerning transformation. The entire concept in transformation is for us to change from the inside-out. This is very much like the change that a caterpillar experiences as it transforms into a beautiful butterfly. The process is called metamorphosis, and interestingly, the Greek word for “transformation” is where we derive our English word metamorphosis.

Now, it’s important to understand that the caterpillar does not inch along day-to-day worrying about its change. In fact, it has everything needed to spin itself into a cocoon and transform into a butterfly. Think about it for a moment-there is nothing outside itself that brings the change- it is an inside-out thing! Amazingly, the caterpillar has within itself a DNA that provides everything needed to achieve destiny.

This is important for us, as believers, to grasp. Why? Because it takes the pressure off of us, our need to perform, or believe that we have to be perfect to transform into something beautiful. As believers it means that we everything needed to achieve our God-given destiny. And, precious ones, we have a cocoon of grace available for our change. Within each of us is God’s DNA, as we are divinely created in His image, which wraps us in His cocoon of grace to bring about the needed changes in our lives. Through this process our hearts are changed and we become daily transformed and changed into His likeness. Again-it is not up to us…. it is His responsibility to change us! All we are required to do is remain obedient to His directives. This, by the way, involves us needing and receiving His grace again. I could write an entire book on that subject alone. For now, just know that we become who we are destined to be by His mercy and grace. Hallelujah!

Way #2

Secondly, the next way to experience this transformation is to understand what unconditional love actually is. A good way to look at it is to study what the word conditional means first as it will help us identify with our false beliefs concerning God’s love for each of us.

The word conditional, when applying it to a biblical understanding of God’s love, refers to something being “imposed” upon us in order to be accepted or approved of. In other words, God’s love is only measured out to us depending upon how well we perform, adhere to a set of rules or act appropriately to be approved. Unfortunately, the Church, as a whole, has done a very poor job in expressing the love and the grace of God. All too often condemnation is ministered and we are taught more about the “Don’t-eronomies” (my lingo for Deuteronomy as a set of don’ts rather than seeing God’s grace to change-even in the Old Testament!) and all of the wrongs we commit. I can recall running to the altar every Sunday repenting of the bad-Sandie days! It has only been recently that I learned the word repentance means to change the way we think!

It’s time to change the way we think. This is all part of transformation. God is not a conditional loving God. When we sin, He still loves us. When we mess up- He opens His arms to us and still says “come!” When we sin, all we need to do is repent-change the way you think- and then run to the throne of grace! Changing the way we think is to see God’s love as unconditional and then run to Him. He is always waiting to embrace us-no matter what we did-right OR wrong. If you see Him with arms opened toward you-all the time- you will become empowered to transform…change! And, yes, it will be from the inside-out!

Way #3

The third way to embrace the fullness of transformation is to take another look at the passage in Romans 12:2 which talks about us not being “conformed” to this world but to be “transformed” by the renewing of our minds

When the apostle Paul was talking about being conformed to the world he was referring to an “age.” The Greek word for “world” is actually referring to the age that Paul lived in which was the age of the law! Now please understand that I believe the law was of God and that it was holy. However, the law, within itself, could not make us righteous. We know, as New Testament believers, that we are righteous only because of the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

So what was Paul actually referring to? What does this mean for us? Well, Paul was talking about not allowing our culture that still embraces legalism and the law to conform us. And especially to remind each of us that we are no longer under the law and we are especially not to conform to the religion that our “culture” embraces. We are the sons of God and follow Him in Spirit and truth.

The Law was conditional, it was legalistic and as you are aware, it demanded performance. Therefore, we are not to allow any popular teaching, a cultural religious belief system, to cause us to conform to it. We must seek the truth of the gospel concerning God’s goodness, His grace and His unconditional love.

God loves you, unconditionally. He says that nothing-absolutely can separate you from His love. So, dear one, transform by changing the way you think! Don’t conform to religious doctrine, the law, legalism or performance. Instead run to Him NOW! He is drawing you closer!

Will You Transform Today? (Please answer this question).

My question to you is this-are you like me-so tired….really tired of jumping through all types of religious hoops in order to get a breakthrough. It is my belief that you can have a breakthrough everyday. We don’t have to wait until a Sunday, a religious exercise or a specific date on the calendar. God is a TODAY-a NOW- God! What do you think? Please feel free to comment. I welcome conversation with others. Also, if you have experienced God’s goodness and unconditional love-tell me about it- tell others also as you comment and share your testimony!


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