Do you get blindsided by a Jezebel spirit? Or perhaps you don’t have a name for what has “hit” you? If so, welcome to the majority of Christians who have either been targeted with its demonic opposition or strongly influenced by it. What I mean by that is this: The Jezebel spirit opposes Christians and especially those who are prophetic in their calling. Keep in mind that Queen Jezebel murdered God’s prophets and tried to also take Elijah out! (See 1 Kings 16- 20) Elijah never died, as you know, as he was taken to heaven by God in a glorious way! Yet, the spirit of Jezebel has never stopped attempting to destroy those with a voice to speak God’s directives.
Also, the Jezebel spirit continues to “influence” us. Allow me to explain. Revelation 2:18-20 reminds us that Jesus strongly addressed the church at Thyatira for tolerating Jezebel. When we tolerate a demonic spirit, we are at that time “backing off” from it, “surrendering to it” or “leaving it alone.” If we do this, we are therefore allowing the spirit to influence our lives. Allow me to list three main things about Jezebel you need to know so that you can overcome these evil attacks and this spirit’s demonic influence. (There are many more that are not listed. For much more detail you may desire to order my books Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord: How to Discern and Defeat the Lies of Jezebel,  and The Jezebel Yoke: Breaking Free from Bondage and Deception.

1. Jezebel is seductive in nature.

Jezebel is commonly known as the “painted lady” among Christians because Scripture tells us that when Jehu sought her out to destroy her, as part of his mandate from God, she “painted” her face. This was an attempt to seduce him so that he would back off. However, Jehu stayed focused and had her utterly destroyed. (See 2 Kings 9: 30-37) To defeat this spirit today, we must overcome the evil seduction of the enemy, staying focused on our godly assignments. This spirit attempts to seduce us from remaining on the wall as we build the Kingdom of God. It is the same type of spirit that attempted to get Nehemiah to come down from rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.

And, since the spirit promotes control and manipulation, there are many of us who are heavily influenced to attempt to control our own futures due to fear, fear of lack, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment and more! Dear believer, Jezebel desires to seduce us into spiritual apathy and to cause us to backslide in our relationship with God- as well as shut us up!

2. Jezebel promotes idolatry -especially Baal worship.

Many Christians believe that idol worship involves kneeling down to a primitive carved wooden image. But actually, idol worship is whenever anything other than God takes first place in our hearts. These idols may include (but not limited to) sports, children, mates, jobs, money, etc. Baal worship involves performance-especially religious performance. Jezebel attempts to wear us down and wear us out through dead works (all connected to spiritual idolatry). And, in addition, Baal worship promotes an “I have to have it NOW” mentality which completely negates our dependence on God’s perfect timing.

3. Jezebel opposes repentance.

A Jezebel spirit targets unity. As it promotes disunity, there will be strife, division, contention and competition in the Body of Christ (it also attacks businesses, ministries and families, etc!). Since its motive is disunity, it will cause many to stumble through offenses against each other-especially offenses against leaders. Because Jezebel hates repentance, we must pray for the healing of wounded hearts and forgiveness. This is because if there are strife and unforgiveness, they cause wounding. Wounded people need to forgive others – people who have offended others need forgiveness also; but BOTH need to exercise repentance. The Jezebel spirit is known to cause church splits, divorce and loss of spiritual vision-to the point that leaders experience extreme burn out and leave the ministry. And, this spirit also attacks church members individually, as well as families, ministries and businesses.

Believer, knowing these three things will empower you when you experience a Jezebel attack or influence. The main thing is to close the door to this spirit and keep it closed.

This is done by dethroning Jezebel and enthroning Jesus Christ over your life and situations. God is big- and He has already won the battle against Jezebel when Christ defeated Satan at the Cross. Let me give you a few prayer targets from my book, Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord:

– Remain thankful no matter what! Thank God that He is faithful and that He is your divine Protector.

– Pray that He direct you in a prayer of repentance. Take time to ask the Holy Spirit to search your heart. As the Spirit leads you in prayer, remember to be quick to change your mind as He directs. (Repentance means to ask for forgiveness and also to change the way you think about God and the situation).

– Thank Him for empowering you with an overcomer’s anointing. Jesus overcame the enemy and He has promised the same victory to you!


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