I was raised to believe that God does not speak through dreams. I’m so blessed that I know differently today. For those of you who believe that God does speak through dreams, please take a moment and recall the life of Joseph.

Joseph was given some really awesome dreams as a young man. But, when he told his brothers about his dreams they got really upset! He told them about dreaming of bundles of wheat, the sun, the moon and 11 stars bowing before him (take a moment and read Genesis 37:5-10). Even his father, Jacob, rebuked him. No one liked the idea of Joseph being positioned above them. I would have probably been upset also if I were one of Joseph’s family! But later his father reconsidered the entire matter.

I believe that when God speaks to us through dreams we need to both “consider the matter,” and at times even “ponder” them. I have had some really interesting dreams… but imagine having dreams like Joseph’s! In Psalm 105:19b it says that “…the word of the Lord tried him” until Joseph’s dreams actually came to pass. I believe that many of our dreams are “trying us” just as they did Joseph.

Having God-given Dreams

Our God given dreams will be tested and tried, just as Joseph’s did him. Yet, if God gave you a dream then know He will bring it to pass! The word “tried” is a Hebrew word that has a very interesting meaning. Some of the words used to define being “tried” are ” purged,” “cast.” “refine,” “(make)pure,” and “purge away.” When observing the full translation as to how dreams might “try” us we can easily conclude by this definition that it is similar to a goldsmith purifying metals and refining them with intense heat. In other words, Joseph’s dreams purified his heart and motives and he was being refined by the hand of God until his time came to fulfill his dreams.

When I think about God’s timing the story of Joseph encourages me. How? Well, I’ll just bet that you have some dreams also that have not come to pass. Maybe, like myself, you have tucked away deep in your heart several promises God has spoken through dreams. Don’t be discouraged! Know that God is refining you and preparing you for a “suddenly!” Yes, suddenlies do happen. Just like Joseph- in prison one day and in the palace the next- your dreams will come to pass!

God’s Intentions Through Dreams

There are various reasons why God gives us dreams. In the above paragraphs you read about how the timing of the fulfillment of a dream is meant to purify us and prepare us. Another very important reason that God gives us dreams is to reveal the condition of our own hearts. If you recall, Daniel told King Nebuchadnezzar that God was giving him dreams to reveal the king’s pride and to save his soul from the pit. (Read Job 33:14-18).

God always intends for dreams to point us to Him and His Word. When dreams occur, we must be led by the Spirit of God into each interpretation. It’s true that God will deliberately give symbolism in dreams with His desired intention that we seek Him for answers. Symbolism is the language of heaven and the foundation for understanding dreams. In fact one third of the Bible involves dreams and visions. (See Proverbs 25:2).

Going into “Search Mode”

The hidden things of God are purposefully sealed by the Holy Spirit to put each of us in a search mode to understanding the revelation concerning the Kingdom of God. Every dreamer will have these types of dreams. Yes, God gives them to us for a reason! Remember, we need to “consider the matter” and “ponder” what God is saying to us through dreams. We are being drawn to Him for answers and then dependent upon Him as the goldsmith in our lives refining us so that when we are “cast” into His mold we are therefore ready for the Master’s use.

In my book Dream On: Unlocking Dreams and Visions, I go to great length to empower every reader with an understanding of dreams and visions and how to interpret them. I especially focus on how many of our dreams are given with the intent of setting us completely free of anything that hinders our relationship with God. For the sake of this blog, I cannot write everything concerning dreams, but I do want to express the importance of seeking God for answers concerning what He is revealing and speaking through your dreams. If you have a copy of my book you may desire to reread it. And, some of you may want to order one from my bookstore. It’s time to pay attention to the voice of God which is spoken in our night seasons.

Believer, as I end this blog, keep in mind …God is giving you dreams for a reason! And, be patient- wait on His timing to fulfill those dreams. You might as well decide to enjoy the journey…draw nearer to Him during the process and heaven’s joy will carry you completely through it.


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