Exhausted, frustrated, disappointed and depressed? I can relate….been there-done that!. Let me assure you that I have experienced a “dry season”…a season of desolation. It is no fun. During my time in the desert (I will use the words desert and dry season interchangeably because, to me, they are the same) I was convinced that God had deserted me in the desert! Notice the word “desert” in the word “deserted?” Of course to believe this was to believe a lie- God NEVER leaves us! However, when we go through dry season and we experience drought,, barrenness and yes, , even, famine, we are often vulnerable to the seductive lies of the enemy that say:

  1. You have done something wrong and God is punishing you by causing you to experience this dry season.
  2. He led you to the desert and now He has deserted you. You cannot trust Him!
  3. You are in a completely hopeless situation!
  4. Your circumstances will never change!
  5. Shame on you! You’ve been in the desert too long! You should have been out by now!

Believer, when you are in a place of hopelessness every conversation will have a negative conclusion with an exclamation point! In other words, crisis abounds during a dry season. Let’s face it- we’ve all experienced a dry season. But why do they occur?

The Reason For Dry Season

If you recall, God told Israel that the way He chose to lead them (through the desert) was “…not too difficult” for them (see Deut 30:11). Yes, dear reader, God chose to lead his children into the desert. The reason why is this- he was protecting them from their enemies. Plus, and this is equally as important, He desired to use the desert as a catalyst that would motivate his people to look to Him for all of their needs. His heart was to win over their hearts. If you recall, Israel was continually faced with a need for a miracle while in the wilderness. God desired that they look to Him, in faith, for the solution rather than murmur and complain. Ouch! How often have we murmured and complained and all the while God is just waiting for us to pray and ask Him for the solution. Yet- our mouths abort the blessings!

Believer, a desert experience is not a punishment from God. It’s unfortunate that many people have preached this incorrectly. Let me be blunt; God is not mad at us-He is mad about us! His love for us is never-ending. Ephesians 3:18 encourages us to “…grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ.” (NIV).

Precious believer, I believe that many times God leads us to a desert experience to draw us unto Himself. A desert experience is just another way to explain a dry season. In the natural we experience four seasons-spring, summer, fall and winter. I love the spring whenever the trees begin to bud, flowers bloom and hummingbirds buzz around North-Central Texas (where I live!). Summer in Texas is very hot. Many times we experience drought because of lack of rain. I suppose that would be a dry season- when there is no rain!

Whenever we witness things drying up there is no other place to look but up! The fall season is a welcomed change because the temperature is lower and we experience the captivating awe of the turning of leaves and foliage. But the winter season…ugh! It’s the worst of all. Not only is everything dry and desolate…everything appears DEAD! Yet during this desolate time the roots of plants and trees grow very deep. Deep roots of a tree can steady a larger tree for shade during a long hot summer! So you see, dear one, desolate times and dry seasons are opportunities for the roots of our hearts to grow deeper in God.

Let me ask you a question- is it possible that we can experience a desert season and see it as an opportunity to rise up a level in our faith? I believe that a desert experience can be viewed as another stepping stone as we ascend higher and higher in our faith and trust in God.

Seize Every Opportunity

We, as believers, are being encouraged by the Holy Spirit to seize every opportunity to give God praise! Yes, we are encouraged by Him to turn every difficult situation into another opportunity to look to Him and worship Him for Who He says He is! He is all that we need- our Provider, Healer, Protector, our Peace, etc.

Sometimes, though, we find ourselves in a dry season, in the desert, due to wrong decisions and a stubborn self-will. However, even in this situation, God never deserts us! He will not desert you in the desert even if you got yourself there! However, he will bring you to a place where you must choose to follow His will or continue with your own. In the desert God told Israel to turn their hearts completely over to Him. He told them that this commandment was not too difficult and the way He brought them was also not too difficult. He also instructed them that the word for their breakthrough was already in their minds and in their mouth. (Deuteronomy 30:11 paraphrased). Wow! This tells me that if we are in the desert we need to begin to renew our minds concerning the truths of God. We must realize that His desire is not to punish us but draw us nearer to Him. Our minds must be renewed concerning the unconditional love of God and His divine grace that is made available to every believer. Grace is unmerited favor but also a divine empowerment given by God to do exploits in His name!

Begin to Make Godly Decrees

Saint, God told Israel that was already in their minds and mouths. Therefore, for us today, we need to begin to not only renew our minds concerning God but also speak forth words of breakthrough. It is time to make some godly decrees. Though in a wilderness, dry and desolate place, God has still placed within you a breakthrough decree.

Queen Esther saved her family and an entire nation by issuing a godly decree. Dear one, you can change your environment by declaring what God’s Word concerning every situation.
Take a few moments and write a decree. Then rise up and declare it! It’s time to come out of the desert and experience fruitfulness again.


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