The Lion of Judah is Breaking Us Out of Captivity! He is the Door to Freedom!

I want the idea of “breaking free” to grab your heart. It has to do that, you know, in order for there to be a lasting change and transformation. To just “think” about breaking free from something (addiction, ungodly belief system, frustration, anger, ungodly lifestyles…actually any hindrance!) gets us nowhere! But, when we have written that desire on our hearts; then, something begins to take place to bring us out of captivity!

Writing on Our Hearts

How do we do that…write our desires on our hearts? Dear one, it’s quite simple. It is all about meditating on who we are in Him and our identity in Christ MORE than how bad we are or how unworthy we are to receive His love and forgiveness. It’s about meditating on His divine love, His goodness and that He is Who He says that He is! When we meditate on truth, we are writing that truth on our hearts. And, remember, out of the abundance of the HEART, we will then speak forth the truth! (see Matthew 12:34). You see, many of us are attempting to shout down our Jericho walls, but the victory has not been written on our hearts. We’re just going through the motions. If it were in our hearts, we would see the victory!

Yet, there’s more! You see, we’ve settled for so much less that God has for us. We’ve been content to quote the Word…but do we believe it! We won’t shift into believing until the desire of the fulfillment of the Word is on our hearts. Again, it’s about spending intimate time with Him, knowing His heart about the matter and then meditating on it. We must meditate on His Word until it becomes a part of us- in our hearts to the degree that we will not waver.

Sin and Falling Short

Mediocre discipleship will never be acceptable to bring forth change- actually, it’s really not acceptable to God either. Lukewarmness gets us nowhere- we must become committed to seeing change. He expects more from us- after all, we’re created in His divine image! So, why do we continue to fall short? Let’s just stop here…and look at what “sin” really is. So many of us believe that God has a really BIG stick, just waiting to smack us for sinning. But, that is not so! God loves us and wants His very best for each of us. The word “sin” simply means that we fall short. I can hear you asking… Fall short of what? Well, we fall short of our potential and God’s best for our lives.

Captivity is a place of bondage. Believing we constantly fall short rather than seeing ourselves through the eyes of a loving Father will set us up for more failure. Unfortunately, we believe that He sets us up to fail rather than desiring to empower us to win. Believer, it’s time to break free from all shame and unbelief. Unbelief can become an ungodly belief system that short-circuits our faith. I’m referring to both our faith in God and also faith in ourselves! God believes in us- so much so that He writes about our potential all through the Word! He says that you are not a failure, but rather a winner! He says that you are the head and not the tail, right? He calls you blessed and not stressed and not a mess! Begin to meditate on what He declares over your life and it will become written on your heart. Then, when you speak the Word forth, it will come forth with power!

I don’t want to miss the mark either. But, whenever I know I do, and that means I’ve messed up again, I run fast into His loving arms and receive grace to start again! Every race has a beginning and an ending or finish line. Sometimes we start over…sometimes we finish well and start a new race. Either way, this life is a journey. But, it is one that is meant to bring forth fruit. You’re on a journey for freedom and fruitfulness just like me. Let’s begin to examine our hearts and determine to allow the Lord to open the eyes of each of our hearts. Then, dear ones, we are assured that transformation has begun once again!

The Lion of Judah

The Lion of Judah is roaring over you and your captivity. Jesus, as you know, is the Lion of Judah. He died so that you could experience heaven’s very best. Begin to meditate on all that was accomplished at the Cross. Then, begin to praise Him for what He did! Judah means praise. Precious one, our victory is established through heart-felt praise! Again, not just going through the motions during praise, but feeling your love toward Him flow from your heart. As you have meditated on His love, His desire for you, your heart will begin to rejoice! Yes, worship from your heart, dear saint, and you will begin to see mountains move!


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