I don’t know of many subjects that are important to me as freedom. It is my hearts desire to experience it to the fullest, but I want you to experience it also! Dear believer, freedom is a journey. It seems to me that as we journey through life, following Christ, that we continue to encounter mountains (obstacles) that must be overcome. You will notice that most of my books and articles are written to empower you to recognize your godly identity and shift into victory!


Mountains are mentioned over 178 times in the Word and the word mountain is mentioned 136 times. They are places were kings and tribes hid from the enemy, they offered the high places in which sacrifices were made, tribes made their homes in the mountains because they offered a place of safe refuge, and mountains were considered as obstacles that hindered forward progress in the Spirit. When Jesus was being tempted by the devil, he was taken to a very high mountain and offered Him the “kingdoms of this world.” The first mention in the New Testament of the word “mountain” is found in Matthew 4:8 where Satan tempted Jesus and offered Him the “kingdoms of this world” if He would bow down and worship him! Isn’t that amazing? Jesus brought the message of the Kingdom to our world. And Satan took Him to a high place, a mountain, (which is a place of sacrifice) and wanted Him to fall down (bow down) and worship him- which would have been idolatry!

Jesus referred to mountains as any type of obstacle that hindered healing and miracles.He even instructed His disciples to “speak to the mountain” and it would be removed. In Matthew 17:20, the mountain was a demon which possessed a young boy, but it was also a structure of unbelief. In Matthew 21″21, the mountain represented speaking to anything that appears as a curse in our lives, but He was also addressing an unbelief structure.

Unbelief Structures

Unfortunately, we have been taught that we often lack the faith needed to see the miraculous. I believed for years that it was up to me…having to work up great faith…to witness my mountains being removed. However, now I know I have the “faith of God” that dwells in me! This is a blog, not a book or a complete teaching- so I have to keep this short. But when we do a complete Word study on the passage where Jesus spoke to the fig tree- He said basically Have the God kind of faith…or Have the Faith OF God ( not just have faith IN God. There is a huge difference in this thinking! (For more information on “Unbelief Structures” contact lifegatechurch.org and request newest CD’ s on the teachings.)

Dear ones, I want to hear testimonies of your mountains moving! This means that you need to understand that you already have Jesus living in you which means that the same faith that got you born again is the same faith that will move that mountain!

I shake my head and marvel at how God is moving in people’s lives when they understand that the same power that resurrected Christ from the dead is alive in them! We don’t have to “conjure up” faith- it’s alive in us now!

So You Still Don’t Believe?

God told Zerubbabel to speak “grace, grace to the mountain.” ( See Zechariah 4:7). Zerubbabel had what seemed to the natural eye an impossible task. Rebuilding the temple from a pile of rubbish was overwhelming to him- it would be to me! But God reminded him about grace. God said speak grace and then more grace. In other words, God repeated the significance of grace. Believers, we were saved by grace through faith- yet these two words (grace and faith) are strongly connected. Remember when you speak to your mountain that you are also receiving the grace of God which empowers you with His supernatural power! When you speak to your mountain it is with the power of God backing you up!

So, believer, rise up and speak to that mountain! Let the same faith that Jesus had arise in you now! let me encourage you to read through my blog posts. I have written about many different hindrances that are mountains that attempt to oppose your breakthrough! Know that I am praying you, dear reader!


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