Warfare Strategies for Kingdom Advancement


It’s time to advance the Kingdom of God!

We are presently witnessing a clashing of kingdoms! However, the church is arising and moving
forward because His kingdom is being unlocked to advance. Believer, take heart because we are

Warfare Strategies for Kingdom Advancement is a present-day revelation for kingdom expansion
in churches, families, and businesses. Featuring revelatory teaching, you will be empowered to
pray heaven to earth as Jesus instructed.

Respected pastor and spiritual leader Sandie Freed shows all believers how to defeat an ancient
stronghold that is active today and opposes our breakthroughs.

Warfare Strategies for Kingdom Advancement will show you:

– How to discern and defeat the spirit of Absalom;
– How to discern spiritual attacks against your church, family, and business;
– How to heal a fatherless generation;
– How to be free from an orphan spirit;
– How to be a spiritual son to both man and God.

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