Unlocking Revelation in Dreams

God is attempting to get our attention- through unlocking revelation contained in your dreams!

I have always believed that God is never NOT pursuing us! One of the most prominent ways He pursues us is through our dreams. And, dear believer, He sees you and I completed- not defeated! I want to encourage you today and say to you that God desires to reveal avenues for transformation through dreams.

God watches over us and His promises concerning us. (an encouraging study as to how God “watches” is for you to read Jeremiah 1:1-12) Just as He promised Jeremiah that He would watch over His Words, He is giving us the same promise today! And, dear one, he is attempting to get our attention during this season so that we remain focused and determined to shift and fulfill divine destiny. One of the ways He does this is through dreams. He is a loving God and that alone reminds me of His faithfulness. What I mean is this; because He loves us He attempts to get our attention-He will speak to us-even at night-through our dreams.

A Dream About a Yardstick

With that in mind I want to share a dream in which God spoke to me. Very recently I had a dream about a measuring stick- it was a yardstick to be exact. In the dream the Lord said “No more measuring, Sandie.” Then, the dream was over. I awoke and wrote the dream. As I was writing, I recalled that I had this dream concerning a yardstick before. The next day, I pulled out my dream journal and examined my documented dreams. I located several other dreams that were documented concerning a yardstick and they were all dreams which occurred within a year! What I had originally thought was a dream that was clear to understand became a dream that I knew had hidden revelation.

Wait for the Full Interpretation of a Dream

When I teach on dreams I like to remind my students to “wait” for the full interpretation . At first, when interpreting a dream the symbolism appears so clear and simple to interpret. However, we must allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the hidden mysteries within a dream. So, I waited. And I am so glad that I did.

Several weeks later I was still pondering over what seemed like a very simple dream, and then the Lord began to unfold the revelation concerning the symbolism within the dream. Allow me to explain. When I was a child, my parents used a yardstick to measure my physical growth. I’ll bet that many of you can relate. However, to me, even to this day, I remember them pulling out the yardstick and me praying that I had grown. Please understand that my parents did not put pressure on me to grow-but who of us has not had to overcome some level of performance. In fact, religious performance is one of the most challenging areas we battle as Christians.

I have always been a shorter person (only a smidgen over 5’2) but always desired to be taller-much taller! The yardstick has always reminded me of my inability to grow and attached to it was insecurity and inferiority. This was because most of my friends were taller. I hated being called shorty ! And, when I was in the first grade my hands were so small that I couldn’t even hold a pencil; therefore unable to write well. That caused another image problem. Those of you that know my testimony know that I have been delivered from much insecurity, inferiority and perfectionism. Now, God was giving me a dream to empower me to completely cycle out of this pattern! I need not try to measure up to someone else or his/her expectations any longer. I was to only please Him!

God’s Heart is To Complete Us

I believe that God has the same completion planned for you. Maybe you are like me and believed you could never measure up. Let me assure you of how special you are to Him. He will speak to you concerning His love and His desire to heal your heart through your dreams. Again, He will watch over His Word…and even confirm His promises through dreams. Believer, even as you had been reading this blog I believe the Holy Spirit is unlocking revelation concerning your dreams!

Dear one, never negate the importance of your dreams. He will remain faithful to present a pathway for your healing, deliverance, or whatever is needed for you to be completed in Christ. Let me end this blog with an empowering two empowering questions: What is God speaking to you today? And, dear one, are you listening?

I will continue to pray for my readers and followers as God releases more revelation!


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