Need a key to lock out a python spirit from your life? How about your business, family or even your ministry? Dear believers, please hear me- the python spirit is real. It’s time for the Body of Christ to wake up to the reality that there really are demonic spirits that oppose us. Believe it or not, I don’t enjoy overemphasizing the work of Satan. But I must admit, spiritual discernment is one of my strongest giftings- so I am choosing not to deny how God has gifted me.

We have a real enemy. In the Book of Revelation, John exposes him as an old serpent who deceives the whole world. (See Rev: 12:9). Isn’t it interesting that this serpent spirit first gained entrance in the Garden of Eden? Why did he manifest as a snake? What is the significance between Satan and a serpent?

Manifestations of Serpent Spirits

There are different types of serpents just as there are different manifestations of evil spirits. When looking at serpent spirits, we have to study closely the way they operate to determine how to perform spiritual warfare to defeat them.

There are some snakes that are more venomous than others, just as there are some demonic spirits that are more powerful than other spirits.Certain snakes kill with venom- yet the python is different. The python is unique as it lies in wait for an opportune time to strike. Its bite is not fatal- but it’s squeeze is! The python is set on seeking out one thing- our breath! It will first bite and then slowly wrap itself around its victim to squeeze the life out. Eventually it suffocates its prey and then the python has its meal!

The Symbols of the Holy Spirit

Breath, air, and wind are all symbolic of the Holy Spirit. Ultimately, the enemy is attempting to destroy the different manifestations of the Holy Spirit in your life. The python hates the breath of its prey- so does the demonic python spirit! The enemy seeks to squeeze the Holy Spirit completely out of us-our personal lives, our families, businesses and churches.

The python spirit opposes God’s presence. Ultimately, Satan seeks to separate us from God’s presence! Yes, the very thing that gives us the breath of life-His presence- the python seeks to destroy.

As I have stated in my previous posts (and I encourage you to read them) the python spirit is connected to divination, witchcraft and yes, even a Jezebel spirit.

How do you know for sure that you are under attack?

Once again, I have listed some ways that you can determine whether or not you are being targeted by a python spirit:

  1. Loss of vision
  2. Separation and isolation from the Body of Christ and others
  3. Loss of spiritual passion
  4. Loss of desire to hear from God or to please Him
  5. Exhaustion, reoccurring illnesses and addictions
  6. Hopelessness, despair and anxiety
  7. Financial lack
  8. Continual feelings of being “less than”
  9. Weakened prayer life

How do I lock out a Python Spirit?

Here are a few more keys to lock out a python spirit:

  1. Breathe in the Word of God. Read the Word and receive the Word as His divine breath.
  2. Release a declaration that you will live and not die! Declare that the enemy is defeated. (Quote the Word!)
  3. Set your face like flint toward your God-given destiny.
  4. Focus on God’s Word rather than the enemy
  5. Never…never agree or come into a covenant with the devil’s lies. Do not become yoked with this spirit by agreeing with its lies!
  6. Spend quality time with God in prayer.
  7. Remain accountable to spiritual oversight. (Do not isolate yourself!) Take Control Over Your Thought Life

I have listed this key separately because of it’s significance. Again, the biggest battle is between our ears. The enemy plants thoughts of defeat, despair and hopelessness in our minds. We must wage war against the spirit of doubt and unbelief to win this battle against a python spirit. We win this battle because we become unyoked with the powers of darkness. We become unyoked by agreeing with God and not being in agreement with the enemy’s lies.

It’s time to declare what God says about you!

Use these keys and receive a fresh breath of life!


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