There is much written about spiritual warfare. However some are myths and some are spiritual truths. In order to walk in complete victory we must examine these, spiritually discern them and go to the Word of God for the fullness of revelation.

There Really IS A Devil!

Before we go further in this quick journey let me assure you that there really is a devil, and he is the reason we have so much spiritual warfare.I have written over ten books that directly name the enemy, the enemy’s manifestations and his plans to kill steal and destroy. However, I do, in no way, look for a demon behind every bush! Again, let me assure you that the devil is real. Though he is not simply a biblical type of poetic image- as some believe.

Satan (known as the devil) has limited power. He does not know everything you are thinking and he cannot do anything he desires. He cannot read your mind- only God knows your thoughts. ( See Ezekiel 11:5 NASB). He does not have the same powers and attributes as our God. I am amazed at how many Christians believe that the enemy is all-knowing and all-powerful. Believers, that is simply not true! Actually we give the enemy way too much credit! In fact, real spiritual warfare is keeping our mind on Christ and what He has accomplished at the cross. More on that in a bit.

Yes, the enemy can make subtle suggestions to our minds and invade our thought patterns with his destructive lies- but he is not all knowing. He is not a mind reader- no way! Our God is omniscient and all knowing- Satan certainly is not.Think about this for a moment. If the devil knew that Jesus would gain such a victory at the Cross he would not have schemed to put him there! (See 1 Corinthians 2:8).

As I stated earlier, Satan is not all-powerful either. If he were, he would never allow you to receive Jesus as your personal Savior! But Satan is your adversary, a liar, a thief and he wishes to devour you. (See 1 Peter 5:8, John 8:44). Neither is our enemy omnipresent- meaning that he is everywhere all the time! Only God is omnipresent. Satan does, however, have many different demons who attack us. It may seem as if Satan himself were reaping havoc at one particular time but more likely, it was one of his demons. Satan cannot be everywhere all of the time- but God can! We need to quit giving Satan so much power- reel in our thoughts and remember how big our God is!

Satan Once Had a Measure of Power

Satan was stripped of his power at the Cross. Colossians 2:15 reminds each of us that demonic principalities and powers were destroyed when Jesus was crucified at Calvary! Yes! Jesus destroyed Satan’s power. Satan can only walk about “like” a roaring lion…he can roar but not with the authority that Jesus, the Lion of Judah has!

Whenever you approach spiritual warfare, you must remember these specific truths. We must all enter into a battle with our enemy knowing that the battle has been won by Christ at the Cross. If we do not do this, we are approaching a battle in our own strength. We have no power to defeat the enemy except by the power of the Cross. If we will remember this main point- we will take the first step into experiencing victory! The victory is ours because of the shed Blood of Jesus. Jesus has given us the victory!

The Devil is a Liar
This is another spiritual truth- the devil is a liar. He would have you believe you don’t already have the victory. Dear one, the enemy wants to wear you out. How can he do this? By causing you to believe that you don’t have what you already have! Ephesians 1:3 reminds us that we have already been blessed …” with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.” This means Christ paid the price already (shed His Blood at Calvary) for you to be blessed!

Believer, the enemy is bluffing! It’s time to call his bluff and remind him of who you are in Christ. Stand up and make a bold statement now and say ” God says that He will supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” ( Phil 4:19). Remind the devil that you are rich (in all things) because of who you are in Christ! And, if you are under a physical attack, remind the devil that he has no place in your body either! Why? Because you are “blessed!”

You are Blessed

The word “blessed” is a word used both in Greek and Hebrew. In the Old Testament the word “blessed” is referred more to abundance and multiplication. In the New Testament it is emphasizing more on being fortunate and happy- yet well off because of it! I believe this is amazing because God wants us happy and He desires to bless us and cause us to be well off in every way!

Believer, we don’t have to “try hard” to be rich, we are already rich because in Christ we already have everything! Philippians 4:19 reminds us that “…God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” God is your source- not the economy. No matter what your bank statement says- you are rich!

The Battle is Already Won!

Dear reader, once again let me say- your battle is already won! You are not fighting “to” the victory but rather “from” the victory! What a difference it will make in your life if you realize that when you enter into spiritual warfare that you have already been given the victory! This is exactly how we are to go to war against the kingdom of darkness- knowing the battle was won at Calvary!

Please keep this in mind- the devil is not going to roll over and play dead if you remind him of this fact. But keep standing and don’t give up your ground. The major battle in in your mind. Cast down all evil words of the enemy that say you have no victory. Remember- Speak the Word, release decrees with authority concerning your victory and his defeat. And as you are doing this- you will be fighting from victory to victory rather than for a victory. And dear one, there is a huge chasm between the two.

It’s time for you to experience the victory that Jesus paid for at the cross. So, precious warrior, be bold, be strong, for God is with you!


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