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I feel that I need to get straight to the point because of the seriousness of this message. So, please allow me just talk to you really straight- The enemy wants to steal your blessings!

We are in a “season of seeing,” and therefore our eyes are being opened more to the truths of God and hidden mysteries are being revealed. I have been blogging and writing various articles with fresh revelation needed for present breakthrough. One of the topics I feel needs to be brought to the forefront concerns the Midianite spirit that steals our harvest.

If you recall, it was the Midianites that continually stole the harvests of the Israelites. When we study Judges 6 we get an idea of how this evil spirit plots to steal our harvest and breakthroughs also. Please take some time and study this passage. Sadly, God’s people were hiding in caves and other places in complete fear and terror of the Midianites! Are we the same? By this I mean are we in fear? Fearing God will not provide or protect us in these oppressive times?

Many times our enemy will wait until the time of harvest to implement strategies of devastation and lack. Just as the Midianite spirit stole from Gideon and his family- the same enemy devises a plan to eat up our assetts, blessings and various breakthroughs.

Maybe you can relate to things like this:

  • Just before you get promotions they get stolen from you.
  • Every summer there is not enough money to take a vacation as a family- even though you saved for the trip.
  • Every year your money is spent for things unexpected and you experience lack.
  • Every Christmas there is trauma, sickness or lack of needed finances to enjoy the holiday.
  • Every time of harvest gets interrupted with tragedy and loss.

If you relate to what I just listed you are most likely contending with a Midianite spirit.
I am a giver and a tither. Yet, I went through a season one time that every time we were on the verge for financial gain it got stolen or swallowed up some how. Yes, even when I would sow, with joy, the enemy still seemed to plunder. However, I wised up to his tactics and broke the Midianite curse off of our finances and lives.

The name “Midianite” is a Hebrew word that translates as “contention, discord, and strife.” Contention against any enemy will wear you down and then cause a structure of unbelief to oppose us. Looking again at the translation of this name we can see clearly that when there is loss and financial pressure it also causes strife. Lack is stressful and the result of the stress is strife and discord. If your family, marriage, church or business has suffered financial stress you probably experienced strife along with it. Most of the arguments between me and my husband have been over money. After doing some research…I realized that most married couples dealt with the same issues when under financial pressure.

When studying the Midianite spirit it becomes even more clear that the enemy has poverty planned. The enemy devises schemes to plunder. But….God! Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice that breaks the curse of poverty. Therefore, I believe that we, as believers can break the opposing spirits that hinder us. Let’s break the Midianite curse of lack and loss today and move forward into further victory.

Open your heart today to allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you. Pray this prayer with me:

Father, in the name of Jesus I take my godly authority and break the assignment of the Midianite spirit today. I have recognized cycles of lack, loss, and poverty and I choose today to cycle out of a destructive pattern devised by the enemy. I repent for coming into agreement with the lies of the enemy that say “I am poor,” “I deserve to be punished,” “I am ashamed,” “I am poor because my family is poor,” (add any other lie that you have believed here……….). I believe what You state about me. I believe I am blessed, walk in divine favor and will continually experience breakthrough because I am a child of God. Amen!


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