I have often stated in my Dreams and Visions Seminars and have even written about this in my book Dream On; Keys to Interpreting Dreams and Visions, I wish I had known much earlier how to document my dreams. In fact, it wasn’t until I understood that God desired to talk to me through dreams and visions that I even believed they were important! For years, I treated dreams like junk mail! Maybe you have also. However, dreams are one of the most common ways that the Spirit of God speaks to us.

We are entering into the celebrations surrounding Christmas. As believers, we celebrate this time because we are celebrating the birth of our Savior. Yet, if you recall, it was through a series of dreams that Jesus’ life was spared. Actually, God sent Gabriel to tell Mary that she would be the mother of Jesus. But it was dreams that God used to speak to Jesus earthly father, Joseph. In fact, Matthew Chapter One documents several times that an angel appeared to Joseph concerning the safety of Jesus. Joseph’s obedience to adhere to the dreams saved Jesus’ life. Precious believer, dreams are important. And yes, they can even save our lives today.

Dreams Reveal What is Hidden

I recall a time about eight years ago when my husband, Mickey, became very ill. The doctors could find nothing wrong with him. While in prayer one night for him I became sleepy and fell asleep. I had a dream in which the Lord instructed me to tell Mickey to go back to his cardiologist and ask for a different type of heart test. Within a week, a different test was done. He had four major heart blockages and was immediately scheduled for open heart surgery! I am so thankful for that dream. The dreamed saved his life! This is an example of how even mysteries are being revealed through dreams.

In my case, the dream was literal. Mickey was literally ill. However, in many dreams, symbols and types are more prominent. I have learned over time to be patient whenever I am interpreting dreams. Symbolism often requires time to interpret. But, when the Holy Spirit is directing the interpretation, it’s really not that hard! Problem is- we don’t know how to rest while He guides us in the interpretation. And, believers, that’s the key. Be patient as He leads you into the revelation of your dream.

Over the years, I have been able to discern symbols and types used in dreams. Though there is not one single book that gives every interpretation to symbols, I have written the ways that I learned to interpret dreams. The Holy Spirit is the Teacher-in all things, especially in dream interpretation. So we must never depend on a book or human understanding while interpreting dreams. However, I believe that knowledge gained through shared experience of others helps each of us when following God. In my book Dream On you will find many helpful keys to empower you to understand and also interpret dreams. God is pouring out revelation today. Much revelation is being given through dreams and visions. Position yourself to hear His voice-even when you sleep. God is always speaking-even when we are asleep!


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