Dear Believer, it’s time for us to believe for God’s power to manifest. I know you will agree with me! Just last week while I was in Sanford, Florida at Glory Fire Church ( miracles occurred again! People with joint problems were healed. Pain was healed. Deliverance from demonic oppression occurred. It was a powerful service! I am so thrilled God is absolutely showing up in every way imaginable!

Delving into a Greek word study, we find that the word for power, especially in the book of Acts, is “dunamis.” This Greek word refers to a type of miraculous power, ability, strength…and a power in action! Wow! Think about the raw power of God in action-it’s totally awesome!

Bottom line is this- dunamis is the miraculous and supernatural power of God. In fact, the English words “dynamite” and “dynamic” are derived from the word “dunamis.”Think about what dynamite does- it’s a raw form of power, exploding power-right? Well, God’s power is also an explosive form of His dynamic abilities to perform the supernatural (signs, wonders and miracles). Beloved, God and His goodness desires to explode in our lives-releasing the supernatural power of God in every way!

We have the ability to move in God’s supernatural power. In fact, Mark 16:20 says ” And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the Word through accompanying signs.” These signs which accompanied the disciples were the signs of dunamis power of the Father upon His beloved children. The power of God is intrinsically tied to His Word. In the book of Acts, alone, there is a testimony in each of its twenty-eight chapters.

The Devil Offers Substitutes for God’s Power
I have written much on the demonic realms of “witchcraft.” In my books, Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord, and The Jezebel Yoke, I discuss the different types of occult activity which the enemy uses to oppress believers and oppose the supernatural power of God. The occult “hides” revelation…yet revelation reveals what has been hidden. However, we need to seriously consider the fact that witchcraft is a substitute for God’s power and that the enemy desires to keep revelation hidden from us. How will he do that? By causing us to focus more on religious performance, strict adherence to doctrines of man and rules. Read on- dunamis power awaits you as revelation is revealed to you right now!

The Galatians started out in the Spirit, but over time gave way to the works of the flesh and religious performance. (See Gal 3:5). In other words, when they were saved they witnessed many signs, wonders and miracles-but later witchcraft influenced them to follow rules, religious works and carnal worship. Religion develops whenever we substitute rules and works as a substitute for a relationship with God. Paul asked the Galatians “who has bewitched you?” (See Gal 3:1).

Witchcraft is a false voice. It is a voice that says “Relationship with God is not enough- you must perform correctly, strictly adhering to rules and doctrines, so that God will love you and heal you.”
It was this type of spirit that Paul was addressing as he corrected the Galatians.

Traditions of Man Will Replace the Word of God

Mark 7:13 reminds us that “You…make the word of God of no effect through your tradition which you have handed down.” I recently wrote a blog concerning the traditions of man. I encourage you to filter through the blogs and read it as it will empower you to shift into power. However, tradition will replace God’s power. There is no power in tradition! Tradition is passed down from one generation to another and it nullifies the power of God. This is because “faith” is in the performance of the tradition and not in God. Sadly, many have more faith in rituals and religious performance that God and His Word. Yes, tradition within itself, can be a false voice in our lives.

Witness the Miraculous!

Dear ones, let us witness the miraculous. Let us witness the dunamis power of God by loving God. Intimacy with God releases His power. Let us focus on “being” sons and daughters of the King and not “doing” for the King! We will be empowered to demonstrate His power on earth when we focus on becoming transformed into His image.


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