The Bible says that in the last days that God will visit us through dreams and visions. When He is speaking, it’s important for us to listen-wouldn’t you agree? And, since we are in what is referred to biblically as the last days we can be certain that dreams and visions will increase. God has always been a protector of our destiny, and, He will use dreams and visions to continue to speak to us concerning our future. I believe that 2014 will be a year that we go through gates of revelation. One of the areas God will release revelation will be through dreams and visions.

Nothing is Always

It will be very important that we learn how to interpret dreams and visions as revelation is being released in this season. (I have several previous posts that will help you with interpreting- to a degree). With dreams and visions I tell people that nothing is always when interpreting dreams. By that I mean that no particular symbol always means the same thing. I can dream about a horse and to me it usually represents fear. This is because a horse fell on me one time and since then I have had to continually overcome my fear of them. But, at times, the horse (and it’s a more biblical understanding also) represents strength. So, with the nothing is always in mind when it comes to dreams and visions, you might not always be awake when you get caught up in a vision. I have had times that I was asleep and then upon awakening to a degree I then found myself completely caught up in an open vision! It was difficult to tell the difference-but it really doesn’t matter if we do or not. Why? Well, it’s important to keep the main thing the main thing! Just realize that God wants to speak to you in your dreams and visions.

Revelation is Piercing the Veil

When I talk about piercing the veil I am referring to God exposing something that was hidden. Yes, we are pressing through into an area that is supernatural and discovering hidden mysteries-even within dreams and visions. In fact, the word revelation means to lift a veil. Dear ones, many of our strategies for breakthrough are hidden. However, they are not hidden from us but for us. Intimacy with God is so often required when mysteries are unveiled. He desires that we come to Him for understanding and gaining interpretation requires that we seek Him for answers!

God is revealing His perfect will for us through dreams. He is lifting the veil off of what has been hidden and revealing prayer strategy for our season ahead. God warns, directs,leads and guides our steps through our dreams and visions. The wisdom He reveals through dreams will open many doors of opportunity in the season ahead.

Confidence and Boldness

I have found that I enter into my future with more boldness after God reveals heavenly knowledge and wisdom through dreams and visions. If you recall, Scripture tells us how different people entered into this realm of the supernatural to secure success and knowledge for their destinies. Such people, for example, are Jacob, who God confirmed through a dream to leave Laban. Another is Joseph, who was prepared for his future through two prophetic dreams as a teenager. (Let’s remember not to discount dreams given to our children!) Joseph later became a dream interpreter while in prison which positioned him for power while in Egypt-and secured his family lineage at the same time! Another is Daniel who not only dreamed but also, like Joseph, became a dream interpreter for Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel’s own life was threatened, yet, through dreams and dream interpretation God used him in a powerful way.

Dear one, could it be that God is also speaking to you about your destiny and future. Maybe He is revealing prayer strategies for your children and family through dreams. (You will want to read my previous blog on Athaliah and also How to Pray and Get Results). Is it possible that He desires that you move or change places of employment next year? Maybe you are in a spiritual battle and the Lord is revealing a demonic opposition that is hindering your anointed times of breakthrough.

He might be speaking- are you waking up and documenting your dreams? Unless we document what He has revealed the dream will most likely be forgotten. As with any word from the Lord- it’s important enough to write it out! Let’s not treat our dreams like junk mail any longer.

If you need help with documenting, I recommend you order my book Dream On from my website or scroll up on my blog page and click on the church link. It’s really easy to document and you can train yourself to wake up to write!

Be Encouraged!

Allow me to encourage you. God loves you so much that even when you are asleep He is still speaking to you! Ask Him to speak to you with dreams and visions. He is faithful to give us what we need!


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