Discouraged because you aren’t experiencing the supernatural? Take a minute and picture yourself praying for someone who is lame and suddenly he/she begins leaping and jumping! Let’s think of another scenario. Imagine yourself receiving a phone call from a child asking for you to pray for “Mommy” who was just diagnosed with cancer. You begin to pray…”Lord, heal this child’s mother. I pray for you to touch her body and I curse cancer to its roots and command all cancer to leave her body.” You hang up the phone with great faith, believing that God is answering your prayer.
One week later you receive another phone call from “Mommy.” She is weeping as she speaks. “Thank you so much for praying for me!” she said, “The doctor did another sonogram and the cancerous tumor is completely gone! My daughter told me that she phoned you and that you prayed for a miracle. Thank you! Thank you so much!”

Courage for the Supernatural

Believer, let’s review what Jesus commissioned us to do. He has commissioned believers to heal the sick, cast out devils, raise the dead and to preach the gospel. (see Matthew 10:7). Problem is- do we have the courage to step out with faith and pray for others and witness the supernatural? I believe courage will arise whenever we truly understand the importance of signs and wonders. Power comes when we trust in the power of God and not the wisdom of man. I have written several blogs that discuss the fact that doctrines of man and the traditions of man rob us of demonstrating God’s power on earth.(Read some of my previous blogs for more on those subjects).

Things beyond our understanding and our control are released through our obedience. Knowing our commission from heaven will empower us with greater faith. God has given us all we need to step out in faith and demonstrate His raw power on this earth. He has designed the Church to be a living expression of Heaven. We are wired to have a continuous flow of supernatural action. Every believer has the privilege of being a part of someone’s miracle or someone’s impossibility.

My Mother’s Miracle

Over twenty-five years ago my mother received a diagnosis of lung cancer. The doctors said that 1/3 of both lungs would need to be removed and then she would need several treatments of chemotherapy. Mother said “I am not going to have chemotherapy!” My sister and I both agreed and said “And no, you are not going to need surgery either!” The doctors sent mother home for a few days and scheduled her for another biopsy before her surgery. When she went home my sister and I prayed that the Lord would uproot the cancerous tumor in her lungs. We prayed for a divine touch from the Lord. It wasn’t a long, religious-type of prayer- it was a prayer of simple, child-like faith. A few days later my mother went back to the hospital for a lung biopsy. During the biopsy my mother coughed up the entire cancerous tumor! And, even more amazingly, the doctor said that fresh pink skin immediately covered the damaged skin where the tumor once was! The doctor was amazed. He said “I have witnessed a miracle. The tumor in her lung is completely uprooted!”

Giving Testimony

Every time we demonstrate God’s power it is a testimony that God is alive today! The disciples healed the sick and then bore witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We are to give testimony and promote the resurrected life and then point the way to receive life themselves as they receive Him as their Savior.

The word “testimony” means “do it again God!” In other words, when we give a testimony of God’s goodness, a testimony of God healing our bodies, or saving our lives, we are basically creating a prophetic atmosphere for God to do the same thing to someone else! Revelation 19:10 says “…the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus.” I believe this clearly says that when we give testimony as to what Jesus provides (healing, deliverance, etc) it creates a womb prophetically for God to do the same for those who hear that testimony! Believer, whenever someone gives a testimony of their healing, ignite your faith and prepare yourself to receive your healing as the testimony is given! Wow! Let your courage arise today to both give testimony and receive testimony now!

Bless you as you pursue divine destiny!


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