Believer, I recently had an alarming dream about the Antichrist spirit. In the dream there was an assignment against all believers, especially against the five fold ministry. The dream alarmed my spirit and the need to alert others that this spirit has evil intents to weaken us and even attack our strengths. (More on that in a bit). In this blog I will briefly share how the Antichrist attacks us and our minds. However, please be on the look-out for a future article on internet for more information on my dream. I will attempt to alert you concerning any upcoming articles in which I more fully expose my dream.

Believer, let me first say this- don’t allow an Antichrist spirit to cause you to fear. Since I wrote my recent book, Conquering the Antichrist Spirit, Discerning and Defeating the Seducer that Binds Believers Today (you may click on the book tab to hear more and order through our book store) I was alarmingly surprised as to how little people really understood this evil spirit. In fact, even more were afraid to discuss it as if it were a type of end-time mystical demon with unlimited powers. It’s so true..many believers feel threatened by this spirit- but we shouldn’t! Why not? Because the Word states that we have the mind of Christ. Read on- you’re about to be empowered with revelation!

Are You Worn-Out?

God chose the prophet Daniel to reveal the hidden mysteries of the courts of heaven. In Daniel 7:9 it reveals how Daniel watched thrones put in place and how the Ancient of Days- God- set down to judge. Daniel watched as the Almighty judge of the universe took His seated position to judge the evil influence upon the earth- the Antichrist influence- Satan himself or any type of demonic opposition that set itself in a lofty position to wear out the saints of God.Yes- the enemy targets us to “wear us out. However, God has already judged this evil influence!There is no need to fear. But we need to know the plan of the enemy so that we can be on guard.

Again, the Antichrist spirit attempts to wear us out. Daniel 7:27 states that this spirit will speak evil concerning the Most High and also wear out the saints. A careful study of the word “wear out” is a Hebrew word that implies that the enemy desires to wear us out mentally and for us to feel “wasted and spent!” The last few weeks I have had such an attack on my mind- (I believe that you can relate!) I had to continually choose not to allow depression, anxiety and fear take root in my belief system! I can even recall as I am writing this that I came into the house several days and said “I’m just spent!” (That means I’m completely exhausted!)

The Warfare of the Mind

When we battle the Antichrist spirit we are tearing down structures of unbelief. I am reminded of Elijah and how he prophesied a severe drought. Of course, we are aware that the drought was the result of the idol worship. Israel was in a back-slid condition and God was relentlessly attempting to unify the hearts of His people and draw them back to Him.

A drought in the natural causes famine. In the spirit, however, it causes hopelessness, despair and loss of vision. Many of us feel as if we have been in a very long and dry season. The enemy uses dry seasons to torment us with thoughts of unbelief. He speaks words like “God’s not going to come through for you,” “You’ll never get a breakthrough because God is not faithful.” He also lies to us and says “God doesn’t love you- if He did you would be experiencing what you are walking through.” Thoughts like this are warfare thoughts! In a drought, the enemy seeks to fortify his words against God. Just as when the Antichrist rose up and spoke against God (Daniel 7:27), he will attempt to do the same to us today!

Again, dear saint, be on guard! Don’t believe the lies of Satan- the Antichrist! You are most-likely worn down from the warfare that this spirit is causing and most of it is the battle of the mind.

In my book Silencing the Accuser, I expose seven major lies of the devil. It might benefit you to read this book if you are continually battling evil thoughts. For now, just know that you can win this war with this evil spirit. Yes! it’s all a matter of taking every lie that Satan speaks and tear it down by repenting for believing it. Then you must replace the lie with God’s truth. For instance look at these 3 important and powerful steps:

1. Identify the lie:

The enemy says: God doesn’t really care for you. He doesn’t even know what you are walking through.”

2. Repentance for believing the lie:

“Father, I repent for believing that God doesn’t care for me. This is a lie and I repent to you for believing what Satan has said concerning You.

3. Replace the lie with a Scripture or a sentence of truth:

Confess: “I know that He cares for me. My Father knows when a sparrow falls from the sky. I am worth more than a sparrow to God! He says He loves me and will never forsake me. I choose to believe what God says about me!”

How simple is that? Dear one, I encourage you to begin to renew your mind today. The enemy has a plan to attack both your strengths and weaknesses. To be forewarned is to become forearmed. Rise up and declare who you are in Christ! You are a victor!


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