It never seems to fail…I begin to prophesy financial breakthrough and almost immediately I am challenged in something concerning finances. Maybe everytime you have made a similar declaration the same happens to you! If you can relate, keep reading, then! You are being positioned to receive divine revelation concerning your finances and breakthroughs!

Millionaire Zones

Just a few weeks ago I was preaching in our local church, Lifegate Church International, in Hurst, Texas, and I prophesied for the second time that God was releasing “Millionaire Zones.” As I prophesied this, I was seeing in the spirit vaults filled with money being unlocked. Finances were being unlocked and breakthrough was coming to believers. I prophesied a Millionaire Zone at one of our meetings almost three years ago and let me tell you…it has happened! People are on their way to becoming millionaires. Testimonies have been coming in on a continual basis. I believe it is God’s will to bless His children- regardless of what the economy attempts to dictate. But let me get back to me- and how I was literally targeted by the enemy concerning finances.

I didn’t know it then- but I am certainly aware of it now- that I have had a generational curse of a Midianite stronghold. If you remember Gideon, in Judges chapter 6, was fearful concerning his harvest. He was hiding in a winepress threshing his harvest! Now, anyone with any sense at all knows this is not the place to thresh wheat! But, the Midianites and other tribes had been coming at every time of harvest and stealing Israel’s harvest. Yes, it was a constant cycle or oppression, depression, doubt and unbelief and lack. When I realized that I had cycles when the enemy was able to steal, I began to break off that Midianite spirit that attempted to steal my harvest! Whenever I began to break the power of this ungodly pattern, we began to experience financial breakthrough again.

The Spirit of Poverty and Lack

The Midianite curse is only one of issues and financial curses that I teach about in my conferences concerning financial breakthrough. I would like to invite you to come and personally sit through my teaching on Breaking the Financial Curses of Lack and Poverty that Lifegate Church is hosting August 7-8, 2015. You can go online to and register. If you cannot attend, you may want to read my book Conquering the Spirits of Greed and Poverty which can be ordered by clicking on the Lifegate Church button on this site.

Dear believer, it’s time that we all realized that we are promised an open heaven of God’s blessings. Let’s get set free from any doubt and unbelief that hinder us and also break off any generational curses that have attached themselves to our breakthroughs!

Hope to see you there! Come and believe that you will receive a Milloionaire Zone impartation.

As always,
Be abundantly blessed!


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