Dear Believer,

How would you describe this season in your life? Hard? Challenging? Maybe even “difficult” at times? If you have been like me, you have experienced some “difficult” times lately. It has been prophesied that this year would be a year of breakthrough and open doors. Yet, many of us have felt as if our faith has wavered and at times not even sure that we can finish the race! Let me encourage you right now- The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is guarding your threshold and breakthrough! However, it is up to us to use our weapon of warfare to defeat the powers that attempt to oppose us!

Just recently The Elijah List posted one of my articles on “Crossing Over the Threshold of Open Doors.” I encourage you to read it as I believe it will encourage you. However, for the sake of this particular blog- I wish to re-identify the spirit of python that opposes our breakthrough during this season.

Dream of a Python

Recently, I had a dream of a python snake that would wrap itself around believers as they attempted to go through open doors. Of course, this snake was a serpent spirit, used by Satan to hinder us.

This evil spirit would attempt to weaken it’s victim by squeezing the life and breath out of it’s body. This spirit caused much fear, anxiety and weakness (both spiritual and physical), as it would attempt to hold onto us and put the “squeeze” on us! The main attempt was to keep us from moving past our past and experiencing God’s fullness.

Believer- listen up- the enemy does not want you to believe God for your breakthrough. He desires to weaken your faith by creating circumstances in you life that are completely opposite of what God has promised you. Allow me to assure you of this important point- your land of promise, your open door, awaits your arrival and crossing over, but the enemy does not like the fact that you are at a threshold of great, great breakthrough.

More on The Python Spirit

In Greek, the term used for divination and witchcraft is “python.” It is connected to a word meaning “to twist.” A python is a large and muscular snake that will “twist” itself around its prey and kill it by squeezing or constricting until it suffocates. This spirit squeezes life out of hope, breakthroughs, finances, passion, and lives. It ‘constricts’ us to the point that we are unable to move forward into our future. As it constricts us, we will feel many restraints which attempt to contain us in old patterns.

How to Battle the Python

Of course, we need to bind this spirit and make him loose his ungodly hold upon us. But there’s more. In my last blog post I discussed “passion.” Well, the spirit of python will also squeeze out every bit of passion you have for the Lord! If you have lost passion, maybe you’re battling a python spirit! And when python is defeated our passion for God returns. Is it any wonder that python wants to keep us from going through God’s open doors? Think about it- abundance awaits us on the other side of the threshold. That means we also have MORE power over the enemy when we cross over.

We’ve been busy for the Lord- I know I have. But have we been so busy that we are similar to the church in Ephesus? If you recall, Jesus corrected them for doing ” religious works” and they had lost their passion. Dear ones, it is time for us to return to our first love. We are to serve God out of love- not out of religious doctrine, religious rules or performance. If we participate in those areas it opens the door for the enemy to wear us out. Try to remember this one important fact- love is a weapon against our enemy- especially against python who is at your threshold of breakthrough! Focus on your love for God right now- and His love for you!

This Will Set Your Free!

As New Covenant Believers we are no longer under the Law. We are free from the Law ( and religious performance!). We don’t have to perform for God to love us. God desires for us to be successful and to go through our open doors. Yes! Jesus died to give you breakthrough!

We are not under the commandments of the Law- however, Jesus said that the greatest commandments were to “…love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul, and to love your neighbor as yourself.” (Mark 12:30-31 paraphrased). Those two commandments are centered on love. Love is the greatest gift and also the greatest tool in warfare.Let’s give the devil a black eye by spending time with Daddy God and loving Him- and also loving each other.

This is a great time to call someone who is ill and show God’s love by praying for them. It’s also a good time for you to call someone who has been on your heart for a while and just check on them. You see, when python is active we have a tendency to be self-centered. We can break the power of that serpent spirit right now by showing God’s love!

Believer, before I end this post….let me encourage you to read through some of my previous posts. Especially the posts on the Jezebel Spirit and the Enemies that Oppose the Supernatural. Many of my posts will empower you to establish a culture of faith.


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